What’s Not Rockin’ @SXSW? The Mobile Web

Note: This was originally posted on Mashable.

We had a hunch it was bad, but we didn’t know it’d be this bad.

In the name of science we pulled together a list of 1,700 websites belonging to artists performing (officially & unofficially) at SXSW, ran them through BuiltWith.com’s magic valmorification, and topped it off with some good ‘ole fashioned survey data.

So why does it matter that only 9% are “good” on mobile?  Put aside the fact that, on a normal day, about one-third of all searches leading to these sites will come from mobile devices.  On a SXSW day, it’s closer to something like… all of them.

If these are your websites breaking media, content, and navigation left and right, it’s not too late to give yourself a fighting chance.

If you’re a fan heading to Austin, might be a good idea to pack the old Discman, just in case.

And, don’t call it a comeback, we been here for years.