New Module Breakdown: “Buy” with Amazon

We’re stoked to announce our first (much requested) mCommerce feature release: the “Buy” module.  Now you can give the folks scanning your ShareSquare QR code the ability to purchase an Amazon product in the famous “one-click” way, right there on their mobile phone.

You’ve got their attention, why not let them buy your stuff right?

We’ve integrated with the Amazon API to make this as simple as possible.  Just grab the URL from your product’s detail page on Amazon…

Then copy/paste that URL into the CMS for your ShareSquare’s “Buy” module.  ShareSquare dynamically populates the module and does the rest!  (Bonus: we also make it easy for mobile visitors to share that product on Facebook or Twitter.)

Dig this?  Want to sell more stuff via ShareSquare?  Check out the new “Events” module to see how it can help you sell concert tickets, else drop us a line to let us know what you think.