Mobile 2.0 Released! ShareSquare HTML5 Web Apps – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Check out this hotness.

Yup, that’s our freshly updated bespoke UI… for a mobile web app that you can make in minutes, with no coding!  Who needs native apps, right?  ShareSquare is fast approaching the point where you may have trouble telling the difference.

But we didn’t do it just to make them prettier: every tweak is a data-driven optimization for better performance across all mobile devices.  So your offline-to-online campaigns will benefit from more engagement and conversion than ever before.  Bigger more vibrant submit buttons?  82% lift in user submitted emails. Improved landscape mode?  On average, an additional 43 seconds of user engagement. How?  We spend every day scheming up new ways to up the ante on this best-of-breed platform for connecting your band, brand or business with the offline audience that loves you (or soon will).

And yes, the Scarface Limited Edition Blu-ray just dropped on Sept. 6.  Much like Tony Montana, ShareSquare is all about “The world, chico.  And everything in it.”

The World is Yours,